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Jim Baen's Universe is a electronically published magazine from Jim Baen, the publisher of Baen Books, a specialist F&SF imprint. Baen has been a pioneer in innovative methods to use the Internet as a sales and marketing channel and this magazine is just the latest one. Jim Baen's Universe, although closely associated with Baen Books (www.baen.com), is an independant subsidary with its own website, editorial board and so on.

What is Jim Baen's Universe?

Jim Baen's Universe (www.baensuniverse.com) is something that's exciting, that's important, and that'll change the way science fiction and fantasy are published. It looks like a magazine and that's what it is: an on-line magazine. But we're paying better rates to authors for short stories than any F&SF magazine has in decades. That will give the genre's favorite authors - from all publishers, not just Baen Books - a financial incentive to write stories aimed at a popular audience and re-establish the connection that used to exist between the magazines and the novel market. It also has a special section for new writers to ensure that new talent is brought into the field.

Jim Baen's Universe is exciting becuase it seeks to revive the market for short form science fiction and fantasy.We believe that saving short form science fiction and fantasy is necessary to saving the entire F&SF genre. We're committed to doing that and we think our readers will be too.

Why is it going to save F&SF?

In decades past, it was the size and health of the magazines that allowed new writers a place to be published, allowed midlist writers a place to hone their craft, and allowed very popular and well-established writers to move easily from short fiction to novels and back again as they developed their fascinating and imaginative settings. The range of magazine markets also meant that an exceptional story could still be published even if it was beyond the then-boundaries of acceptable SF.

Today, that's almost completely vanished. The economics of modern paper publishing and distribution have hammered the magazines badly, and the decline of short form SF has hurt the field as a whole. When once science fiction and fantasy was a cheap refuge from reality for bright teenagers, now the ticket to entry is a full-length novel-often enough, at hardcover prices. Instead of getting a peek at the work of half a dozen to a dozen authors, new readers see one-and if that one doesn't suit their taste, well, there's always videogames or TV. The genre is aging, and if we don't do something about it, the SF and fantasy we love could vanish with the Baby Boomers.

Reaping the benefits of being online

Here at Jim Baen's Universe, we're challenging that decline by providing a place where popular writers can work in short fiction again at pay rates that make it economically feasible for them. We're doing it online, at www.baensuniverse.com, because electronic publishing allows us to circumvent the obstacles posed by the paper magazine market and allows us to tap into other ways of financially supporting the magazine. Furthermore, we can make each issue as big as we want. Anything fits in an electronic magazine, and readers get one heck of a reading experience. On average, an issue of Universe will be twice as long as a paper F&SF magazine.What we really hope is that Jim Baen's Universe will be only the first of many on-line SF and fantasy magazines, paying top rates and focusing on stories rather than media news. John W. Campbell used to say that the more good SF magazines there were, the healthier the field was. We agree with him-but the revolution starts here, with your chance to join a community dedicated to rescuing short form fantasy and SF.

Who is running Jim Baen's Universe?

Jim Baen's Universe is brought to you by
Editor in Chief
Eric Flint (ericflint@1632.org)
Eric Flint is a bestselling author of Fantasy, SF and Alternate History and has been librarian of Baen's pioneering Free Library since it was introduced over six years ago. He has also edited, in collaboration with Guy Gordon, numerous out-of-print classic SF authors such as James H Schmitz and Keith Laumer, in order to bring their writings to a new audience.
Walt Boyes (walt@waltboyes.com)
Walt has more than 25 years of experience in sales, sales management, marketing, and product development in the controls and instrumentation industry both for process instruments and environmental controls, including Executive Committee experience in three companies. In addition to working as editor of Jim Baen's Universe, Walt currently is serving as Editor-in-Chief of CONTROL a magazine by published by Putnum
Assistant Editor
Paula Goodlett (submissions@baensuniverse.com or query@baensuniverse.com)
Paula Goodlett is the assistant editor of Jim Baen's Universe, assitant editor of the Grantville Gazette (http://www.1632.org), and half of the writing team of Huff and Goodlett (the better looking half.)
Assistant Editor
Sarah Hoyt
(submissions@baensuniverse.com or query@baensuniverse.com)
Editorial Associates
Benja Fallenstein and Nancy Fulda
(submissions@baensuniverse.com or query@baensuniverse.com)
Web Minion
Rick Boatright (rboatright@yahoo.com)
Rick is president of VocShop Solutions group a software firm specializing in applications for agencies caring for MR/DD adults. (http://www.vocshop.com) A long time SF fan, Rick is non-fiction editor of the Grantville Gazette. (http://www.1632.org)
PR Gadfly
Francis Turner (fturner@baen.com)
Francis is a product marketing and business development consultant based on the French Riviera with extensive experience in data networking and other related high technology fields. A long time SF fan and devoted eBook reader, Francis got his present job by analysing Baen's electronic publishing strategy on his blog.

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